We are Jonny Robb and Nilesh Mistry the founders of Bettor Faster, a UX-led design studio for the Sports Betting and Gaming Industry, based in London. We’re die hard product people who understand what makes bettors tick, to drive engagement and acquisition for our clients. We love nothing more than solving difficult problems and turning loose ideas into tangible, engaging success stories.

We also have our own startup product called Bet Blocks, a messenger app designed for sports bettors to chat and exchange tips. Through creating this we realised the unique challenges startups in our industry face and how having the right person to speak to, be it casually or as a more formal mentor can make an incredible difference.

Our mission with gamblingstartup.ventures is twofold. Firstly we want to informally connect founders together so that we can share experience and advice. Secondly we want to create a one stop portal for the wider industry to find the latest startups and innovators and drive exposure for them.

Are you an industry insider? Your experience, whether just an hour of your time or something more formal such as a non exec directorship or investor could be invaluable to our network. If this is of interest to you, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you a startup? Joining our network opens up a range of companies whose experience and advice can be drawn upon – or simply to go for a beer with!

Jonny Robb

Nilesh Mistry